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Name Plan
Object ID 987.5.018
Date 1894
Description The Souvenir Historical Map of the Town of Niagara, County of Lincoln, Ontario.
Compiled and drawn by Frank Johnson, published in June 1894 and priced at
This map gives us the opportunity to compare Then with Now ---- for example:
1. At the mouth of One Mile creek
Then: A hotel is shown on a body of water grandly named "Lake Como".
Now: The hotel site is a private residence overlooking a languid pond bisected by Niagara Blvd.
2. Between the foot of King Street and the foot of Lockhart Street
Then: A Sandy Beach.
Now: Lockhart Street does not even exist and, as a result of the approximate
4 foot rise in Lake Ontario as a consequence of the building of the St. Lawrence Seaway in the 1950s, the Sandy beach no longer exists either.
3. At the foot of Gate Street in the grounds of the lakeside Queen's Royal Hotel
Then: A "Believers Pavilion" which was part of the Queen's Royal Hotel hosted an annual retreat of the Niagara Bible Conference for several years in the 1890s.
Now: The site is adjacent to the Niagara Golf Club's Club House which is
4. Close to the junction of King Street and Delater Street
Then: A natural Spring, used it is said by townsfolk for fresh water year round.
Now: The Spring is still there and quite visible from the street, but used only for garden watering by the homeowner upon whose property it is located.
People Samson, Alexander
Greeme, James
Greene, Joseph
Sandham, J.
Bissell, Edward
Hiscott, James M.L.A.
Rye, Maria
Courtney, John
Barron, Pierre
Hiscott, Thomas
Swinerton, James
Stevens, Albert
Ibson, Richard
Cox, Alpheus
Fields, M.
Mrs. Morgan
Mrs. Soules
Mrs. Taylor
Mrs. Manifold
O'Brien, Thomas
McMahan, Ed
Russell, Martin
Freels, Wiliam
Murphy, John
Mrs. Fallas
M. Hahasy
Hy. Woodington
Mrs. Kimshey
R. Flynn
Glassbrook, Richard
Ellison, George
Mrs. Campbell
D.B. McDougall
J. Haslam
Benenjaman Nash
Cap. Dickson
J.H. Lewis
Rev. T.A. Furgison
J. McIntire
Dr. Warran
Longhurst, William
Mrs. Chittenden
Dr. Watts
Subjects Alava Street
Average depth of River 25-35 feet
Average Ground Depth to limestone rock 25 feet
Believers Pavilion
Niagara Bible Conference
Boat Houses
British warships Mohawk & Miness Stationed here in 1837
Butlers Barracks
Canning Factory
Carriage Drive
Chatauqua Hotel
Chatauqua park
Coast guard station
Current of River 4 miles per hour
Custom House
Electric light plant
Episcopal Church
Ferry to Youngstown
Fishermans Inclosure and Drying Ground
Fort Mississauga
Fort Mississuque
Fort Niagara
High School
Hospital Property
Lake Como
Lake Ontario
Lakeshore Road
Lakeview Hotel
Landsdown Lake
Masonic Hall
Michigan Central Railway
Military Reserve
Municipal offices
Navy Hall
Old Barraks
Old Masonic Hall
Ordinance lands
Paradise Grove
Post Office
Presbyterian Church and Cemetary
Public School
Queens Royal Hotel
Race Course
Rifle Range
Shoals Fishing
Spur Line
Steamship Dock
Tourist Map
Water tower Resivoir
Water works building