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Name Bible
Object ID 987.5.414
Date 1820 PRE.
Dimensions 40 x 25 x 10cm
Description This is the Secord family bible dated pre 1820s. The genealogical information is located in II Macabees and states the following:Abigail Secord's Bible bought in [17??] David Secord, born Jan. 5, 1772 (in the same hand but with a heavier pen stroke) Peter Secord, Senior, aged in 1772 - 74 years (Incorrect- Peter Secord was born Sept. 5, 1726 - twin to his Sister Rachel) William Peter Secord (Space followed by: All in the same hand, line 2 inserted, with the last four entries in a darker ink.) David Secord Junior, b. 1773 (David Secord was called Junior to distinguish him from his first) cousin Major David Secord, (son of James Secord) Mary Secord, born 17, 1777 Married in the year 1792 (July 22, in darker ink). William Peter Secord born [Dec. ] George Graves Secord b. [Dec.] 14, 1790? and deceased Jan. 17, 1796 Elizabeth Secord b. Feb. 9, [1797] D. Secord Jr. born Sept. 17, 1798. Stephen Secord b. l/2 hr after (obviously twins - Peter Secord Sr. was a twin to his sister Rachel) (Space, then in another's handwriting) Eliza Secord, deciest Mar. 2, 1827 Thomas Stephen Secord, born Mar. 2, 1827 (The following page was inserted over page) Property of Josephine McGregor William P. Secord, born Dec. 26, 1793 George Gr. Secord, born Dec. 24, 1795 and deciest Jan.17, 1796 Elizabeth Secord, born Feb. 9, 1797 David Ca'rrt (Cartwright) Secord, born Sept. 17, 1798 Stephen Alex'r (Alexander) Secord born with Des. on l/2 an hour after. Nancy Secord, born Mar. 24, 1801 John Graves Secord, born Aug. 6, 1802 Henry Secord, born May 13, 1804 Abigail Secord born April 10, 1806 Joseph Secord, born April l, 1808 Benjamin Secord, born Jan. 6, 1810 Mary Ann Secord, born Sept.l, 1811 Cassandra Secord, Jan. 19, 1814 Thomas Secord born Nov. 5, 1816 James Maitland Secord, born Dec. 10, 1818 (Space) Margaret McKenzie born April 23, 1796 John McKenzie, born Feb. 17, 1799.
Abigail Secord deceased Oct. 16, 1825 (Not Peter's wife, who died before 1807 at Longpoint) William P. Secord, deceased April 19, 1845
(and on the same page, written sideways in front of the list the Children: the mother?) Mary Secord, born Sept. 17, 1776 (This would be Mary Mabie, wife of David Secord Jr.) Page: David Secord, deceased June ll, [1827] David Carlton Secord, deceased Aug. 16, 1827 David Secord, Seign. born Jan. 6, 17? Michael McCormack deceased Sept. 13, 1827, aged about 34 years. Page: Peter Secord, Snr. […] #6 William Peter Secord born: _____ married: _____This bible was most likely in the possession of David Secord Jr., son of Peter & Abigail Secord. David was born at Walpach on the Delaware River. Peter Secord had 11 children of his first marriage and Abigail Emmett had one son, Stephen Emmett, from her first marriage. It must be noted that the bible has Cassandra Secord as being born on Jan. 19, 1814. Therefore, her mother was pregnant and carrying her during the War of 1812. It is, however, unknown whether she was born in Niagara.